Bigo Host

I am extremely excited and grateful that Fame Talent Agency gave me this awesome opportunity to work with them. SO MUCH SO THAT I’M A RECRUITER NOW. (SMILES) They are HANDS DOWN THE BEST Agency (no bias) lol, because they are extremely professional and help you at every turn you might have. Very hands on with their personnel. I have from day one, enjoyed my experience and the encouragement for all of the Fame Agency personnel and highly appreciate how they push me to be the best. Extremely patient and supportive with new people as well. I love the fact that I can meet people all over the world and connect with them on a real level. Fame Talent Agency appreciates your talents and who you are as a person. I would most definitely recommend Fame Talent Agency to a friend because they are extremely professional and trustworthy. I’m speaking from actual experience with them and as one of the team members. So much so that I chose to become a full time recruiter for the Agency. If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is. My favorite things about being a Broadcaster for Fame Talent Agency is the support and interaction I get from my fellow agency members. Also the fact that I get to recruit actual talent and help them to become the best broadcasters in the next coming year.