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Pococha Host

I think Fame Talent Agency is amazing!! Extremely professional, super supportive, wonderful people! They help with networking, communication, and using the app! I would, and have, recommended friends to Fame! It’s a wonderful agency that anyone would be lucky to be a part of! My favorite thing about being a broadcaster for Fame is the supportive community! I love meeting other people within the agency and being able to connect with other broadcasters!



Pococha Host

What I love about the Fame agency, they care about their all their hosts and work together to make things happen. When you have a question, response time is most more than often the same day. I’ve been in another agency on another app and they rarely answer your questions. You have to ask other agency owners and hopefully they help you.

They also have often training classes to assist you or answer your questions that might pop up. They even help you come up with interesting streaming ideas. My content on all apps is ventriloquism, and when I joined the agency they helped the process along which took a few turns with my appointment dates and visual streams. But together we made it through to make it happen. Thanks soooo much Fame!



Bigo Host

I really like the organization of fame! The discord chat allows me as a new host to access everything I need to be a successful host! Also some of the fame admins come to my stream to remind me of training events and other tips and tricks hosts may need to be aware of. My favorite thing about being a broadcaster for Fame Talent Agency is how their on the ball admins set their hosts up for success!



Bigo Host

I am extremely excited and grateful that Fame Talent Agency gave me this awesome opportunity to work with them. SO MUCH SO THAT I’M A RECRUITER NOW. (SMILES) They are HANDS DOWN THE BEST Agency (no bias) lol, because they are extremely professional and help you at every turn you might have. Very hands on with their personnel. I have from day one, enjoyed my experience and the encouragement for all of the Fame Agency personnel and highly appreciate how they push me to be the best. Extremely patient and supportive with new people as well. I love the fact that I can meet people all over the world and connect with them on a real level. Fame Talent Agency appreciates your talents and who you are as a person. I would most definitely recommend Fame Talent Agency to a friend because they are extremely professional and trustworthy. I’m speaking from actual experience with them and as one of the team members. So much so that I chose to become a full time recruiter for the Agency. If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is. My favorite things about being a Broadcaster for Fame Talent Agency is the support and interaction I get from my fellow agency members. Also the fact that I get to recruit actual talent and help them to become the best broadcasters in the next coming year.



Pococha Host

I would recommend Fame Talent Agency to anyone because it’s an easy way to gain money, friends, and wellness!



Pococha Host

I honestly love this agency. I used to be with other agencies on other apps but Fame Talent Agency is honestly the best agency out there. I’m so honored to be a part of the team and a signed host with them. They get back to you very quickly if you have any questions about the apps you stream on. The respect they give you is so outstanding. I look forward to staying in this agency for a long time. I would definitely recommend this agency to a friend because of the best service they give me. And I know my friends would be well taken care of if they joined Fame. I have already referred two people and they love it. My favorite thing about being a broadcaster for Fame Talent agency is that they respect all their individual streamers. And the environment in the chats and in the app are so organic and so healthy. I’ve never felt like a part of a family on other agencies except for Fame.



Pococha Host

I am thankful I came across Fame Talent Agency, they are hands down a great agency because they are very responsive and help you with any concern or question you might have. On top of that they are very professional and ensure everyone knows what’s new and all the updates. And you are talked to in caring manner which I highly appreciate and felt it, they are very patient and supportive with new people as well. I love the fact that I can share my culture with viewers on this app. Fame Talent Agency appreciates real art and talent.


tomoe’s kimono

Pococha Host

I think Fame Talent Agency is really helpful and is always there for the members of the agency. It feels safe to ask questions because there’s always someone who is there to answer and help you out. I would definitely recommend Fame Talent Agency to a friend because they are easy to deal with and very helpful. Everyone is so energetic and that makes me energetic and want to do better everyday. Thank you for that.

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Pococha Host

I LOVE FAME Talent Agency. They are the most informative about the app. I love how all my managers really keep you informed and on point with your streams. They really make sure all concerns are handled via the proper channels to get the best result. I am happy to grow together as Pococha App grows, and I know the feeling is mutual. I am so happy I am signed with FAME Talent Agency, as opposed to some of the other agencies.



Pococha Host

I LOVE my Fame Fam! 2022 will make 4 years that I have been a signed livestream host. Prior to Nov ’21 I was signed under a different talent agency and streaming on a different app and while that was good experience, I wish that those years would have been with Fame because of the unparalleled level of support Fame talent has provided me. I would absolutely recommend Fame Talent Agency to anyone up to and including my friends and family. The level of support and love I get from my Fame Fam is amazing. As stated above I was with another agency/manager for 3 years before joining Fame and Fame has made me feel more supported in a month than did my previous agency in 3 years! Plus they always answer any questions promptly when I have any confusion. My favorite thing broadcasting for Fame has been the level of support, access to info, and transparency Fame provides each and every host they employ.



Bigo Host

I think fame agency is great, very well put together very nice founder and co-founder. They are very understanding people. I would recommend Fame to a friend because almost all of the questions and answers you need are on discord so it’s way easier than what’s app ect. (Also nice people.) My favorite thing about being a broadcaster with fame taken agency is that it’s organized.



17Live Host

Fame Talent Agency is so great in its efficiency and supply of information! When I first joined, I was struck by how well organized everything is, there was no chaos or confusion at all! It made things very easy to understand for a newbie like me. Not only that, but I always get quick, understanding responses when I reach out for help. It’s great! I think one of my favourite things has been the balance of professionalism and efficiency, coupled with the sincerity and individual attention I have been shown as a Fame Talent host. Everything is meticulously organized and laid out, and yet in spite of the professionalism, I never have any fear of reaching out to the agency when I am stuck or need help, as I know it will be received with compassion!



Bigo Host

Fame Agency has made the transition into being a new mother of twins the most ideal situation it can be! Being able to earn an income from the comfort of my own home, on my own schedule, has increased the quality of life for my whole family! Not only can I work when suits me, their team of staff members is always available when I need them and I feel supported and encouraged every step of the way! No other agency works so tirelessly, around the clock, to support their hosts in EVERY way! The stability, consistency and detail Fame puts into supporting their hosts surpasses any expectations I could ever have!



Pococha Host

Sammy Shayne worked with me everyday until we came up with my perfect audition video. One that showed my true personality and talents! If it wasn’t for Fame I would not be a Pococha Host today! THANK YOU FAME!! Fame isn’t just a talent agency, they actually care about their hosts. They take the time to train and answer questions, no matter how many times we ask.



Bigo Host

Where do I begin…. there is so much that I can say. From day one it has been nothing but support and compassion. It is genuine and I appreciate it. The amount of information that is poured into us from the Managers is awesome. I was welcomed to the team in September and it has been one of the best decisions ever. I love the fact that this Agency goes to bat for the people. This Agency always replies fast and if they don’t know something they never just leave us alone, they seek answers first and always. My favorite part about Fame is the training and knowledge that we are given, it helps us out tremendously.



Pococha Host

I love being part of Fame Talent Agency because I can always count on being well informed all the time. They do an amazing job keeping everything organized while providing everyone with the tools we need to succeed. Thanks to Fame I never stress over questions or even just needing a little one on one with a manager because night or day someone is always there to help.

I recommend Fame Talent Agency every chance I get because I know I can say in confidence you will be provided with as much training as you need and all your questions will be answered. My favorite thing about working for Fame Talent Agency has been meeting such great people who care and are there to help when you need it most. And everyone is treated with respect as equals.



Bigo Host

The feelings of community and family are definitely apparent within the Fame Talent Agency. To be able to be apart of something, where you’re an individual yet stand out, and there’s a community around to support you, is the reason why I’d recommend the Fame Talent Agency. I’m a really shy/introverted person, and being apart of Fame Talent Agency has helped me to break out of my shell so to speak.

20201209_134638 – travis mcintyer (1)



“ I Love Fame! One of the Best out there hands down! Sammy is So organized! I am So Glad that on July 5th 2020 I was given my audition with Fame and on that Bigo was Given ChefBigPoppa! I’m Forever grateful for all that y’all have done to get me to where I am 2day!! The Training classes hands down are priceless and are still 2day the most valuable pieces of information I’m 2 have! THANKS EVERYONE FOR THIS IS MORE THAN AN AGENCY WE FAMILY AND WE BE THERE TO GET YOU IN A TIME OF NEED!!! Most Agencies just throw their people out there and do nothing but not Fame! Fame takes care of their people!! Lets them know their status so they can get out of trouble if they are in it!! Be there to bail out if need be …. etc…!!”

A83B3444-708B-4497-BF9A-94DB3EC9E1B1 – Queen Monterria



“My favorite thing about being a broadcaster for Fame is if there’s a no show on a pk, the staff will quickly find you a replacement within minutes and if you need help on reaching a certain tier, the manager will come up with ways on how you could reach it and give you helpful tips. I would highly recommend Fame Talent Agency due to the fact that the staff wants you to succeed and grow on the app. I think Fame Talent Agency is the best agency on BIGO.”

IMG_20200314_205909331 – Monique Banks (1)



“ My favorite thing about being a broadcaster for Fame Talent Agency is meeting different people. I love Fame. They let me know that I am important. ”

Snapchat-1517409415 – Nathaniel Brennan



” I think they are the best agency on Bigo, they go above and beyond to insure you succeed as a broadcaster and they insure there is more then enough material there to help and better shape you up as a individual. There is nothing negative that i could say about Fame Agency at all. From the leadership to the training Managers and Pk Managers all the way down, they all have been nothing but helpful and phenomenal insuring you push and grow every month as you continue shaping and learning how to become the best. “

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Pococha Host

“ I have absolutely adored being able to work with Fame agency! They are amazing and have proven time and time again that they will bend over backwards to help you out when you need! Such an amazing team! I was terrified to be a broadcaster at first, but the Fame Talent Agency but ALL my fears right at ease! It doesn’t matter where your starting from, they provide all the help and training you need to be successful. There are never too many questions and they always answer and help out as fast as they can! I love being a broadcaster, I’m always meeting awesome new people and being able to step out of my comfort zone and become successful with something I never dreamed I could do!  ”


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