Influencer Affiliate for Brands
Seeking Influencers with 40K+ following on Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. to represent Luxury brands based on retail, fashion, clothing, make-up, jewelry, and businesses. Must have portfolio and letter of recommendation. Please provide social media links, email for questions about the opportunity. Apply Today!

Runway Model Criteria
Agency based in New York City and Las Vegas is looking for models to showcase on runway and fashion week. Headshots and portfolio must be provided to be considered. Please provide exert why they should be considered for modeling opportunity. Please contact team at for additional detail. Apply Today!

Brand Sourcer – Brand Manager
Build out an outreach strategy for prospects for campaigns and partnerships. Great content creators that represent brands professionally and are looking to grow their own presence. Strong experience in managerial for a team. Has leadership skills and communication skills. Can create a funnel of brands that deliver deliverables and enable outreach. Please contact for additional details. Apply today!

Talent Acquisition Specialist
As a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Content and Influencer Creators, you will play a pivotal role in identifying, engaging, and nurturing a diverse pool of creative individuals with the potential to become influential content creators. Your expertise in identifying emerging trends, exceptional content, and rising stars in various digital platforms will be crucial in building and maintaining a strong network of talented individuals who can contribute to our company’s content and influencer programs. You will collaborate closely with the marketing, content production, and influencer relations teams to ensure the continuous growth and success of our influencer-driven initiatives. Please contact for additional details. Apply today!