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Sammy Shayne

Founder & CEO

Sammy Shayne is the owner and CEO of Fame Talent Agency. Sammy has worked in a variety of different industries over the years, including marketing, sales, and human resources. Sammy has extensive experience in the live streaming industry working as a highly sought-after host on 17 different live-streaming apps. This wide range of experience has given her a unique perspective that she brings to her work as a talent agent.

Sammy is dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams, whether it’s working with new talent or helping established stars reach new heights, Sammy is always looking for ways to help her creators reach their full potential. Her passion for helping others shines through in everything she does.

Sammy has been in the entertainment and social networking industry for over 8 years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. In her time working in the industry, she has recognized one of the largest issues: many creators do not realize the power that comes in teamwork. There is room for everyone to succeed, and the ones who succeed the quickest catch on to the power in networking and lifting each other up. Sammy hopes to continue to cultivate a culture of creators that work to grow together.

When Sammy is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her two dogs, long drives on the motorcycle, and enjoying all of the fantastic restaurants that Las Vegas has to offer! Her favorite quote is one by Babe Ruth, “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

Interested in hiring live talent for your platform, or influencers for your campaign? Sammy represents over 2,000 creators worldwide and can be reached at,0

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