Pococha Host

I think Fame Talent Agency is amazing!! Extremely professional, super supportive, wonderful people! They help with networking, communication, and using the app! I would, and have, recommended friends to Fame! It’s a wonderful agency that anyone would be lucky to be a part of! My favorite thing about being a broadcaster for Fame is the supportive community! I love meeting other people within the agency and being able to connect with other broadcasters!



Pococha Host

What I love about the Fame agency, they care about their all their hosts and work together to make things happen. When you have a question, response time is most more than often the same day. I’ve been in another agency on another app and they rarely answer your questions. You have to ask other agency owners and hopefully they help you.

They also have often training classes to assist you or answer your questions that might pop up. They even help you come up with interesting streaming ideas. My content on all apps is ventriloquism, and when I joined the agency they helped the process along which took a few turns with my appointment dates and visual streams. But together we made it through to make it happen. Thanks soooo much Fame!



Bigo Host

I really like the organization of fame! The discord chat allows me as a new host to access everything I need to be a successful host! Also some of the fame admins come to my stream to remind me of training events and other tips and tricks hosts may need to be aware of. My favorite thing about being a broadcaster for Fame Talent Agency is how their on the ball admins set their hosts up for success!



Bigo Host

I am extremely excited and grateful that Fame Talent Agency gave me this awesome opportunity to work with them. SO MUCH SO THAT I’M A RECRUITER NOW. (SMILES) They are HANDS DOWN THE BEST Agency (no bias) lol, because they are extremely professional and help you at every turn you might have. Very hands on with their personnel. I have from day one, enjoyed my experience and the encouragement for all of the Fame Agency personnel and highly appreciate how they push me to be the best. Extremely patient and supportive with new people as well. I love the fact that I can meet people all over the world and connect with them on a real level. Fame Talent Agency appreciates your talents and who you are as a person. I would most definitely recommend Fame Talent Agency to a friend because they are extremely professional and trustworthy. I’m speaking from actual experience with them and as one of the team members. So much so that I chose to become a full time recruiter for the Agency. If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is. My favorite things about being a Broadcaster for Fame Talent Agency is the support and interaction I get from my fellow agency members. Also the fact that I get to recruit actual talent and help them to become the best broadcasters in the next coming year.



Pococha Host

I would recommend Fame Talent Agency to anyone because it’s an easy way to gain money, friends, and wellness!



Pococha Host

I honestly love this agency. I used to be with other agencies on other apps but Fame Talent Agency is honestly the best agency out there. I’m so honored to be a part of the team and a signed host with them. They get back to you very quickly if you have any questions about the apps you stream on. The respect they give you is so outstanding. I look forward to staying in this agency for a long time. I would definitely recommend this agency to a friend because of the best service they give me. And I know my friends would be well taken care of if they joined Fame. I have already referred two people and they love it. My favorite thing about being a broadcaster for Fame Talent agency is that they respect all their individual streamers. And the environment in the chats and in the app are so organic and so healthy. I’ve never felt like a part of a family on other agencies except for Fame.



Pococha Host

I am thankful I came across Fame Talent Agency, they are hands down a great agency because they are very responsive and help you with any concern or question you might have. On top of that they are very professional and ensure everyone knows what’s new and all the updates. And you are talked to in caring manner which I highly appreciate and felt it, they are very patient and supportive with new people as well. I love the fact that I can share my culture with viewers on this app. Fame Talent Agency appreciates real art and talent.