If you haven’t already, please add canadiansammy as a friend on Bigo Live. You will receive your audition invite from canadiansammy in your Bigo messages. If you have added canadiansammy as a friend, you will see it in your messages, otherwise you will have to click through to the Stranger’s Messages. The message will say Official Signing Interview Invitation. You will need to upload your video within 40 hours of us sending you the audition email, or your audition will be rejected. 

First it will ask you to enter your name, your BIGOID (this can be found on your Bigo Profile. It will be a small group of numbers, unless you have updated it, and it will be located under your username.) Next it will ask you to fill out what type of content you intend to bring to Bigo. If you do not have a talent, and are a social broadcaster, talk about the types of things you plan to discuss, and activities you plan to host (ie. trivia nights, interview shows, etc).

bigoID example

Then you will be prompted to upload a 30-60 second audition video. Please introduce yourself in this video, and tell us what type of content you plan to bring to Bigo. If you have a talent, please give us a very quick showcase of this talent. Please note, the video must be between 30-60 seconds – no longer or shorter. Please note that Bigo will be looking for the following things in your video:

1) Clean, presentable background
2) Good lighting
3) Clear audio
4) Good internet
5) State the current date and time and show on camera (you can show using another phone, a newspaper/clock, etc)
6) State your BIGO ID
7) State that you are auditioning for Fame Agency
8) Between 30-60 seconds

If you have any more questions or you run into any issues submitting your video – please email support@couchfame.com