At Clapper, we want to make it easy for creators to earn money for the content they spend so much time creating. Our goal is that you get really good at making money on the Clapper app! This means that we give our creators a variety of ways to monetize their platform. It can be hard for creators (new and old) to keep track of – whether or not they want to earn some extra cash.

Consider this article your guide to monetizing on Clapper. We’ll be breaking monetization into two categories: Earners and Givers. Because whichever category you fall into, it’s important to know the ways Clapper creators can earn money.

Earners 💵
For all the Livestreamers, content creators, small business owners, and anyone else that wants to earn some extra money from social media. These are the main ways you can earn on Clapper, a few tips to getting more, and what to do when someone sends money your way.

Livestreams 📱
Creators can go Live and earn gifts from their viewers throughout the Livestream. These range in price and change seasonally, so there’s always something new and fresh to check out. All of the gifts appear on the screen as well, allowing both the creator and the audience to see who is gifting. Livestream hosts can even start their own wishlist, where they select the gifts they’d most like to receive and how many they want to get.

There are no guaranteed ways to earn more gifts in a Livestream. Most viewers will gift if they’re enjoying the content or really like the creator. The best way to increase the likelihood of receiving a gift is to update your wishlist, remind people to check it out, and keep your Livestream fun and engaging. If you’re given a gift, be sure to thank them! Not only will it remind the audience to gift, but the gifter deserves a little appreciation!

Radios 📻
On Clapper, creators can host Live Radios, which are essentially radio shows on Clapper. This audio-only stream is a great way to settle in and connect with your audience. Listeners can send gifts just like in a Livestream! These still display across the screen, and you’re able to select which speaker you want to send a gift to. These will update with the season, too, and most of the gifts found in Livestream can be found in Radio.

Just like Livestreams, the best way to earn more Radio gifts will be to keep your show fun and remind people they can gift. There’s no wishlist in Radios, so you may have to mention it and bring the option to people’s attention. Gifts will display across the whole screen, and we suggest pausing to thank the person that sent it.

Videos 📹
Many new creators are surprised to see that viewers can gift on videos as well as Lives and Radios. These are different from the ones you’ll find in Lives or Radios, but will display at the top of the comment section. Just like the other options, you can’t really make viewers send video gifts. They’ll send a gift if they enjoy your content and like you. Just make sure that you’re creating content you and your audience love, make an occasional reminder if you want, and keep going.

Unlike with the other 2 options, you can’t stop and thank someone for a gift right in the middle of your video. If you want to thank them, try shooting them a DM or even tagging them in a comment under that same video. If it’s a really big gift (or they’re gifting you a lot) maybe you can make a video thanking them for their support. Or feel free to return the favor! Send them something back and keep building that relationship.

You can do that for the other 2 options, by the way. If someone sends you a big gift or is constantly supporting your Livestreams, consider dropping into one of theirs and do the same. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll be on your way to creating a new connection.

Shops 🛒
Clapper Shops are perfect for small business owners and creators looking to sell online. With this feature, you can open a shop and start selling products right from the Clapper app. Any creator that visits your profile will be able to scroll through your shop. If you have a crafting passion, sell art at local fairs, or have an actual storefront, you can set up your Clapper Shop and start making sales right away.

One of the best things about Clapper Shops is the Shop Live feature. You can go live and pull the listing for your product into your Livestream. It displays on the bottom right corner of the viewer’s screen, and they can purchase the product while still in the Live. This is a fantastic way to spread the word about your product and encourage people to purchase. You can also utilize your Groupchat feature to let people know when a new product drops, or make videos highlighting what you sell.

Clapper Fam 💡
If you want to earn some extra money and can create a little extra content, Clapper Fam Tiers are right for you. Fam Tiers are content subscription options built right into your Clapper profile. Your followers can subscribe to your channel and receive special bonuses in return. You choose the price and the benefits, so you’re able to offer things you know you can provide. These bonuses can be anything from exclusive Livestreams to open DMs to even merch!

Clapper Fam Tiers are built into your profile, so any of your followers will be able to see what you offer. Usually your most loyal followers (the ones you see in your notifications most often) will be the ones that subscribe, and the tiers are a little easier to plug. You can mention them at the end of videos, Radios, or Lives when you’d ask people to follow you. You can also plug them in your Groupchat before the benefits ship out. If you send products to your supporters, consider encouraging them to post about it, too!

And if you see someone new subscribe to a tier, send them a quick thanks via DM. A lot of creators will make a video shouting out their newest supporter, but even a short message will be appreciated.

One last thing! 🧡
A good rule of thumb is to never pressure people to gift you anything. Not only can that feel scammy or make you seem ungrateful, but that energy can make some viewers uncomfortable and have them leaving your content. Reminders are fine and don’t be afraid to point our your wishlist, but don’t try to bully people into gifting. You’ll catch more flies with honey.

How to Transfer Your Income 👛
Open the Clapper app and go to your profile.
Tap the “Income” section of your profile, which will be right below your Groupchat on the far right.
You’ll be taken to an Income page, which will display your current balance, pending withdraws, and how much you’ve earned overall. The number you care most about is “Balance”, the biggest number on the screen.
Tap “Withdraw”. From there you’ll be taken to a banking information page. Here you can choose from ACH/bank transfer (only available for US creators right now), or PayPal (for US and international creators). Fill in the corresponding information, as well as how much you want to withdraw.
Once it’s all done, hit “Submit” at the bottom of the page and you’ll be good to go.
If you have any questions about the withdraw process, you can read the FAQ in the Income menu. Or you can send us a DM!

Givers 💸
Maybe you don’t create your own content, but you love to support your favorite creator. Or you just want to spread a little love back to your Clapper community! We’ll be flipping the table and discussing ways that you can support your fellow creators. Hint: they’re very similar to monetization!

Gifts 🎁
As a viewer, you can send gifts in Livestreams, Radios, and on videos. You’re never obligated or required to send a gift, but it’s a great way to show your favorite creators that you appreciate their content. You can choose from a variety of designs and price points, and you can send as many gifts as you can afford.

To gift in a Livestream, Radio, or video, look for a little yellow giftbox button. These will typically be along the bottom of the screen toward the right, or in the comment section. There will be multiple pages of gifts, so be sure to scroll through to find the ones you like best. And, as an extra pro tip, be sure to check the price! You don’t want to be surprised later.

Levels 🏆
Clapper Levels are an extension of gifts. Think of it like a rewards program: the more you gift, the higher your level and the more exclusive things you unlock. These benefits include medals by your name to show your level, a special frame around your profile picture, and an entry effect. There’s even a level where all viewers will be notified when you gift in a Live. To start your Levels journey and mark yourself as a top gifter, just give your first gift. You can access Levels in the gift section of a Livestream.

Shops 🛒
You can browse through a creator’s shop right from their profile. You’ll be able to see how many sales they’ve made, their overall star rating, and all of their products. Scroll through until you find something you like. Once you click into the listing, you can see multiple pictures of the product, a description, any shipping information, and the option to purchase! You can leave a remark when you purchase, like if you want a specific color, scent, or size. If the shop owner needs certain information in the remark, they’ll let you know in the description.

Creators can sell a variety of different things in their Clapper Shops. You can find sellers just by searching in the search bar or scrolling through the Shop Live streams. This is a fantastic way to support small business and creatives, and discover new products.

Tipping 🪙
If you don’t want to send a gift or your favorite creator doesn’t have a Shop, consider DM tipping them. This is where you send money over DMs. All you have to do is open the message, click the plus sign in the bottom left corner, and select “Tip” option. From there, you’ll be asked to enter how much you want to send and can add a message. You can send a tip to any creator for whatever you like.

Fam Tiers 💡
You can check to see if a creator has Fam Tiers by going to their profile. If they do, you’ll be able to see the titles and cost of each tier, as well as what’s offered. Many creators will have multiple levels and benefits, so take a second to make sure you’re picking the right one for you. You can still change it later, so don’t stress too much!