Fame Supervisor

PinkyDinky has always been fascinated by people and their stories. This led her to pursue a career in talent supervision, where she could help others achieve success in the entertainment industry. She is a live host on three apps – Bigo, Tango, Pococha – and is currently working as a Fame Supervisor.

PinkyDinky loves her job because she gets to meet new people and help them cultivate their brands online. In her previous career, she was a camp leader. She enjoyed helping children learn and grow in an outdoor environment.

One of the things she cares most about is fixing the spread of misinformation. When people get their information straight from the source, it makes their jobs and their lives so much easier! When she’s not working, she enjoys sleeping, gaming, and silence. Her favorite quote is one from the Bible “All things are possible through Christ” Find PinkyDinky in her live streams by clicking here!

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